Settle Down

Ok people, before anyone starts heaving and having fits about this story let me make a few things clear.

The U.S. Army on Tuesday defended its plan to mobilize involuntarily 5,600 retired or discharged soldiers as nothing “new or unusual,” but critics said it undermines the concept of an all-volunteer military.

Once again, the critics don’t know what the hell they are talking about. It is still an all volunteer Army and I will explain why. When you sign up to join the military, say, for three years, (as was in my case), you do not just sign up for three years. You sign up for three years active and ‘x’ amount of years inactive knowing full well that at any time while you are “inactive”, otherwise known as Individual Ready Reserves, the military can call you back if they need you.

In my case, I signed up for three years active and 5 years inactive. During that 5 years, if Uncle Sam decided I was needed, for any reason whatsoever, then Uncle Sam could call me back. And here’s the kicker: I knew this before I signed up and raised my right hand when I joined.

“It’s not volunteer! It’s not fair what you are doing!” Bloody hell, they’re just making shit up now aren’t they?

Yes, it IS volunteer and yes, it IS fair because each and every single soldier knows this. It’s part of the package, part of the deal, one of the possibilities that one accepts when they join.

I’m not even going to address the rest of the crap the Dems whine about in this article because it’s all histrionics. Read it for yourself, knowing that every, single soldier is very aware of the IRR and the potential to be called back up. In fact, they did it in Gulf War I and our military didn’t get “destroyed” as one moron put it.

Here endeth the lesson.