Sometimes It's The Little Things

You know what I love? When idiot moonbats try to leave retarded comments here even though I have had moderated comments for how long now? They spent all that time, working themselves up into a self righteous frenzy and angrily banging away on their keyboards. I can just picture them, sitting there at their computer desk, ugly smirk on their faces thinking they’re going to get even a minute of air time.

So, trolls, allow me to explain how this works:

1) You come in here, notice this is a right wing type blog.

2) You wet yourselves with glee and submit your “statement” to the world.

3) Your “statement” sits in a queue.

4) I get the email that a new comment has arrived with the comment displayed.

5) I read the first sentence and start laughing.

6) I click the mouse takes me only a matter of seconds to flick your droppings away into the incinerator.

7) I laugh for a couple of minutes.

8) I move on while you wait anxiously for your comment to appear, sweat beading on your foreheads.

Keep waiting trolls. In fact, if you would be so kind as to hold your breath in anticipation, I would very much appreciate it.