Gulf War Syndrome

Back in the early 90’s, when we had Gulf War I, many soldiers fell ill or died and the disease was labeled, “Gulf War Syndrome”. The U.S. Government however, refused to acknowledge that the disease was caused by any biological attack on troops stating that "there is no scientific or medical evidence that chemical or biological weapons were deployed at any level against us."

Over the years, however, testimonials have been given, files of information that the DoD removed from the internet for a period of time and several publications have been sent outlining the research into this “non biological” disease yet the veterans of the war were dismissed as suffering from a psychological effect known as “post war syndrome”.

The government has spent billions researching Gulf War Syndrome and now scientists are stating that there IS a possibility that Gulf War Syndrome is legitmately a biological related disease.

Scientists Warn Over Sarin Exposure In Iraq

Scientists have warned that even low level exposure to sarin nerve gas in Iraq puts people at risk of a debilitating form of Gulf War Syndrome. They say a simple blood test can assess the risk, and veterans’ groups claim the US Army is ignoring the danger.

They have discovered a connection between sarin and Gulf War Syndrome.

What was just found in Iraq on Monday?

A roadside bomb containing sarin nerve agent. In case some of you are not aware, nerve agent IS a biological weapon, it IS a WMD....a weapon of mass destruction, it IS evidence of the fact that WMD DO exist in Iraq and anyone who has been in the military can tell you that nerve agent is nasty, nasty stuff.

Saddam had these weapons back in the early 90’s, we told him to get rid of them, the UN sent out Blix and pals to ensure that they were removed/destroyed, Saddam made it as difficult as possible for anyone to get any answer one way or the other if he had followed orders or not.

Now what is the simplest answer here? Is it:

A) He did get rid of them, even though he is a liar, evil and too proud for his own good and yet did everything in his power to screw himself over rather than admit that he actually got rid of these weapons?

B) He thumbed his nose at the rest of the world and the reason he had made it so difficult for investigators to look around was because he was busy moving the WMD from one place to the other and, very possibly, in some cases, some of it to other countries to “hold it for now”. (Or possibly sold it to them.)

Well the evidence, whether the rest of big media wants to admit it or not, (which they obviously do not as they are too focused and dancing around in ecstacy over the “abuse” of Iraqi prisoners story), is that sarin was found in Iraq. That absolutely cannot be denied.

It was found. As soon as the government, the military and the public all admit this, the better it will be not only for the veterans and their families who have suffered through Gulf War Syndrome and those who will more than likely start showing symptoms here soon, but it will be beneficial to all of us.

Biological warfare is not a joke. It can wipe out masses of people via air, water, food, etc. and by the time you realize it, it’s too late. It’s time for this country to start taking this war seriously. This isn’t a movie. This isn’t a playground fight. This isn’t a joke.

This is deadly.

It’s not only deadly for the troops and civilians of Iraq, it has the potential to be snuck into this country and released into various supplies and it will get you. Whether you support the war or not, I would certainly hope you support your own life.

It’s time for many in this country to grow UP and realize the dangers that are prominent in this world. Recess is over, time to stop daydreaming, get those heads out of the clouds and face reality. Our lives are not fairy tales and the more that reality is pushed away in defiance, the deadlier things get

Correction: I did actually mean to write that sarin is a chemical agent, not biological, but there is no way for me to prove that now. I would like to thank Besmirched for pointing out that I did write biological. Additionally, she has a great post about sarin what it is, what it does and why you should take it, as I stated above, seriously. As she also points out in comments that it could be deemed as biological because of health effects suffered by those who actually live through it, (oy!), I’m just going to admit I unintentionally typed the wrong word.

The “Common Good”. Hmmm. Now where have I heard that before? The “Common Good”. AH! Yes! Russia, Soviet know, Communism! “Everything will be distributed evenly for the ‘common good’.”

I wish I could remember who told this may have been on a blog...I can’t remember anymore but it was such a damn good analogy:

You and a friend go to college. You take the exact same classes and you work the exact same schedules and have the exact same amount of time to spend on homework. You are also equally intelligent and capable. You attend class every day, on time and you always have your homework assignments completed. On the other hand, your friend decides to skip classes, sleep in, show up late, turn in homework late or not at all and never studies for tests.

As a result, you get a 4.0 and your friend gets a 2.0

HOWEVER! For the ‘common good’, the college has decided that they are going to take away from you so that your friend, who didn’t get as high a grade will be equal to you. Afterall, again, it’s for the ‘common good’. Right?

Now you both have 3.0 on your transcripts.

How would you feel if you were the student who had earned that 4.0?

Further, what’s the incentive for people to do their best and work hard if they know that someone else will suffer for them; they will reap the rewards from someone else’s hard work? We already see this in our everyday world. You are already paying for someone else; someone else who is perfectly capable of earning their own way....but why should they, when they can get you to do it?

You want that multiplied? That’s what Hillary wants.